Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tagged - Alphabet Soup!

It's the meme currently doing the bloggy rounds, and I got tagged by Leisa.
Here goes:
A - available or taken: taken
B- best friend: I'll be soppy and say Aaron, cos it's true
C- cake or pie: cake. mmm -Finnish wet sponge!
D- drink of choice: pineapple juice or herbal tea
E-essential item you use everyday: tabasco sauce
F-favourite color: at the moment, probably green
G-gummy bears or worms: bears
H-hometown: Mount Isa- If you believe the marketers, "you're not a real Aussie, til you've been to the Isa!"
I-indulgence: eating Guylian Sea Shells in the spa. Too bad we're in a drought.
J-January or February: January fo'sho! The month of my birth.
K-kid's names: umm.. Cabbage Patch Kids are the only 'kids' I've ever had. They were Priscilla Louise and Cory Brent.
L-life incomplete without: watching the weather every morning
M-marriage date: 14 Dec 1996
N-number of siblings: two
O-oranges or apples: apples. what a boring question.
P-phobias or fears: blood tests... oh the stories I could tell!
Q-favourite quote: "Dinner's ready when the smoke alarm goes off"
R-reason to smile: I have an awesome life
S-favourite season: Spring
T-tag 4 people: you! you! you! and YOU!
U-unknown fact about me: I can say the alphabet backwards faster than I can forwards
V-veggie I don't like: cauliflower. ugh.
W-worst habit: leaving bobby pins on the soap dish in the shower
X-x-rays: I fell down some stairs in '05 (oops), oh yeah, and x-rays for our adoption medical in '06
Y-your favorite food: Vegetarian Jiaozi or Baozi
Z-zodiac: Aquarius


Leisa said...

I must be true blue because I have worked in the Isa!!

a&mg said...

You really use tabasco sauce EVERY day??? Wow. Do you put in on scrambled eggs? A lot of people around here do that at breakfast.

I also had cabbage patch kids when I was younger, and still remember their names--Cindy Celinda and Woody Mac (the names they came with). Can't remember what I had for dinner last night, but I remember those! :)

Emma said...

No, I don't use tabasco sauce every day! Actually I dont know if I've EVER used it. I just thought that was a kinda dumb question, so in protest I wrote something random.

But don't worry, that's the only answer I made up.

Isn't it bizarre that we can remember our CPK names! I even remember that Priscilla Louise originally came with the name Elbette Elise, but I sent the little form away to change it. I also remember both of my CPK's birthdays, because they were the same day - 1st October. Wacky!

Kristen said...

I so believed you on the tabasco thing!!!!!
and I hate to say I don't remember my CPK names... I have her on my bed though!!!
And Happy Birthday sometime this month!!!!!