Monday, January 01, 2007

One profile done, one to go!

What's 19 pages long, has 7870 words and discusses a whole lot of interesting questions?

Yup, my family profile - it's FINISHED!

I feel so elated, this was something I really wanted to get finished before I head back to work on Wednesday.

Aaron still needs to work on his profile, but he has spent most of this afternoon completing exercises from his workbook. Now I need to get wiggling on my workbook.

Yay, what a great start to 2007. We are hoping to have our profiles, workbooks and readings all done by the end of January. At this rate that seems very achievable.


Leisa said...

Hi Emma
We were at the IAFQ Chrissy party as well and from your photo I remember seeing you there. We have just been officially approved and joined the queue of couples waiting to adopt from Ethiopia here in Qld. All the best with your workbooks, family profiles, 50 questions and assessment, the list certainly goes on here in Qld!! Happy New Year. You can visit us at

David said...

Hey Emma!

Congratulations on checking off another box! Every step takes you one step hang in there and good luck with the January goal!

~*~Sandie~*~ said...

Oh, well done! This is your 29th birthday coming up, right? There are few women who would wish it was their 30th but I'm sure you are one of them :).

Lisa and Doug said...

Congrats on getting one profile down!

Lisa and Shane said...

Congrats Aaron and Emma - every milestone is worth celebrating!


a&mg said...

Congrats on getting the profile done! It may seem like an eternal paperchase now, but there is an end in sight....!

blondie said...

Congrats to you! I know what it feels like to finish the family profile. It took my husband and I a long time (what with moving house twice, going overseas for 2 months, building a new house, working and life!). We are now waiting to be assigned a SW. (It has already been two months, so not long now...)

Hopefully you will get all your documents to the department soon.