Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life Book intro

Aaron and I started work on a life book for our future daughter a few months back. Some of my friends have already heard the story about how Aaron joined the frequent shopper program at a local scrapbook shop, and how when I asked for the card one day he said, "don't go without me!". Aaron claims that he only joined because I wasn't feeling well and he thought it would be easier to just sign up with his details, but I think I might have a closet creative hubby here.

We've had a lot of fun already choosing all the backgrounds and playing around with ideas. Actually it's ULTRA fun when one of us is a perfectionist who wants everything symmetrical and neat (Aaron), while the other is just happy to be randomly creative and slap it all together (me).

The start of the life book actually triggered some action by us to get some of Aaron's own baby pictures off slides and printed as photographs. He was a real cutie baby with his bow legs and outtie belly button.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. I recently joined an online group (chinalifebooks) that facilitates participants through the process of writing the text for a life book. I'm so amazed by the sharing and support offered.

Here's a draft of the text I wrote for the intro page. And when I say 'I wrote' I really mean I blatantly plagiarised from everyone else's good ideas.

Dear ---

This is a book created just for you!

It tells you how you began your life in China.

From this book, you can begin to understand your story. It is everything we know about your beginnings.

What is written in these pages is your history, and celebrates who you are, where you’ve come from and how we became a family.

Dad and Mum


Leisa said...

Who cares who wrote them first, they are a beautiful way to start your daughter's book. I have to admit I am now hooked on scrapping perhaps Aaron could host a crop night?

Sarah said...

Hi Emma,
congratulations on starting the life story book. It's a big but very rewarding task. Have to admit I was not much of a scrapbooker to begin with but eventually did start to get the hang of it . Think we might of gone overboard with ours as it ended up being HUGE our poor child will need help just to lift it and lord help them if it falls on them :)
Anyway you probably already know of this site but I found
had a really good range of items and were very reasonable with postage and quick sending the stuff out too.
Good luck with it all,

Emma said...

oh Sarah I'll have to check your life story book out some time! i can't stop giggling, picturing a sweet little girl trying to pick up a huuge book that she can't lift.. hehehheh. .. or even worse, trying to pull it off the shelf!

And Leisa - I read your comment to Aaron and he's concerned about what kind of picture I've painted of him LOL! He claims he's only interested in scrapping because he HAS to be if we want to do the life book. It's probably true, but where's the fun in that! Gotta play on this as much as I can.

Sarah said...

Yes its true the book will in all liklihood be bigger than our child I don't know what I was thinking I just didn't know when to stop. Very very sad. I'm with Aaron on this one I was only interested because I had to be ...Seriously :)
You are welcome to check it out anytime you want to though, feel free. Just do your weight training first. :)

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