Saturday, January 27, 2007

Our new friend Frank Xin

Aaron here. Entry number 2.

Emma registered on xLingo. It's a language exchange website that helps connect people in different countries who are trying to learn the language and want to talk to native speakers. It uses Skype (free internet phone calls using your computer). It is a brilliant idea and I will definitely be doing more of it.

We met Frank Xin today. He lives in Shanghai China and wants to speak English. He has been studying for a couple of years and he puts me to shame. His English is great. My Chinese is not so great. Emma and I will be having another conversation with Frank tomorrow, so now I have to study harder. It is so much better to have a learning goal that is direct. I want to be able to speak to him and understand in Chinese. I have a long way to go.

In the words of our Chinese teacher, 'Chinese is not easy, but not so hard.' I better get studying.


Lisa & Oliver said...

Came across your blog on another China adoption blog site, and thought I would stop by.

Congratulations on your decision and happy paper chasing!

VictorT said...

Hi --
I just wanted to make another suggestion for language exchange sites.

italki is mostly Chinese users, so you'll never have problems finding Chinese language exchange partners. I hope that helps!

Miguel Angel said...

And what do you thing about It is better than xlingo and italki because easier it usability and there are a lot spanish people (not only) for improve the Spanish language