Sunday, March 09, 2008

Initiating change

**ETA: Not sure why the petition link is down... hopefully it will be back up again soon! Hopefully it's collapsed from too much traffic!

Australians wishing to adopt from overseas have limited options due to the small number of inter-country agreements. An online petition has been developed to present to the Federal Government to accelerate the opening of new programs as a matter of priority.

Please join with us and sign the petition .


m said...

As a fellow Aussie I'd love to sign the petition-- but the link doesn't work!!!

OziMum said...

I'm signing!

OziMum said...

When I clicked the link - it said it couldn't find the link!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Emma,
came across your blog, I am a fellow aussie blogger (well actually brit but live in aus)I see you were waiting to turn 30 but when do you expect your file to be batched and sent to china?