Monday, February 04, 2008

Taggedy shmaggedy!

I run but I can't hide! Kristen tagged me to post seven weird/strange things about me. I think I did a 'random facts' post last year some time, so I sat here thinking for ages about seven different things I could write and couldn't come up with anything. For this reason I'm going to post seven websites I can't get enough of (maybe one of my random facts should be that I'm a rebel and can't follow instructions!)

Here we go...

1. Post Secret. Who doesn't love reading other peoples' secrets?

2. Perez Hilton. I have no idea why I go here. I don't especially care about celebrities, but I keep going back.

3. My local Weather forecast. I am a weather freak. I can't cope if I don't know the weather forecast. Even when I lived in Mt Isa where it was HOT and DRY 360 days of the year, I still needed to check the forecast several times a day.

4. Xinhua Chinese news. Gotta keep up to date with all the propaganda news from the Middle Kingdom!

5. Bloglines. I don't know how I could ever keep up with all the blogs I read without this baby!

6. Indexed. Random amusing scribbles by a witty chick.

7. Ummm... I'll make number 7 your chance to ask me a question. Ask away! Or just share a website in the comments that you can't get enough of!


OziMum said...

Who was your teenage movie star crush? And it shouldn't be too hard to answer since your teens wasn't that long ago?!!

Mine was Michael J Fox!!! I think its funny now... what did I see?!!!

Nazareth said...

I am Nazareth, from Canary Islands in Spain, and I am making a 100 wishes quilt for the baby I am adopting from Vietnam. I find your 100 wishes blog, and i wuold like to swap squishes with you. If you want to swap, email me your address. Thanks

Liz said...

The on site I can't live without is
another of course is checking boxes - if only it was written in more often :)

Blondie said...

I have several sites I always visit each time I am online but my new fave is... Facebook - I love catching up with my friends even if they are half way around the world.

PS. I now know what you mean about PostSecret and Indexed - how cool are they!

Sandra said...

I know what you mean about bloglines. I can't live without my Google Reader. We've been away on holiday & I'm still trying to catch up.