Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Referrals to Nov 25, 2005

Go Australia! Yeah yeah yeah! This is the first time I've seen Australia find out referral information before the rest of the world! Usually we find out a good week later than everyone else.

I don't think there are any Queensland families in the latest allocations, but I know that there is one very happy batch from Tasmania!

It's disheartening though to see that only four more days made it through this month. There must be a huge truckload of families logged in with a November 2005 date.


LaLa said...

I still can't believe how long it is taking, especially when I think of us being in China in Nov 2005 and those families are just now receiving referrals... : (

David said...

I know...when I saw on the Rumor Queen that Australia had already posted...I was excited for you!

OziMum said...

US had a public holiday I think? But yeah, what a miracle!!! Australia first?

Suckie 4 days. Great for 21-25 Nov families, ultra crappy for the rest of us!