Monday, September 24, 2007

Individual interviews - take 2.

I had my individual interview on Saturday afternoon. Nothing to report on really, just that it happened. I was done in just over an hour and a half, which is a bit different to Aaron's which went for three hours! Our case worker asked us the same questions in our individual interviews, so either I don't waffle, or Aaron does! I think we only have one more interview, which will be a couple one again. Checkity-check-check-checkity-check!


David said...

Check! Another box checked off. Yeah, Emma...and glad it went well.

OziMum said...

Congrats! The social worker thing was the most tedious, I thought (well... except waiting, of course!)

T & I were married (to each other) got divorced and remarried (each other!)... it took our social worker a really long time to get her head around that one!

Love the new header - but I can't get the game to play? I don't have a mac, and I've got stupid Vista!

Sandra said...

We were just the opposite! Hubs went for an hour and a half while I gabbed for three hours. Actually, my social worked shared a lot of her experiences as well. No crazy questions on this one either. Kind of a bummer.

blondie said...

YAY!!! One more to go, honey then you sit back and relax... but only for a little while. Don't wait for the SW to finish the report - you make sure you ring the department to find out what is going on no more than a month after the final interview.

Has your SW told you if he/she is approving you yet??? Have you asked??? Make sure you know before the last interview... :)