Saturday, September 01, 2007


On Friday we met with our case worker again for an interview. It went for about two and a half hours - so much talking.

She asked about how we reached the decision to adopt, stuff about religion ('what do you know about religion in China?' 'what if your child doesn't want to go to your church or won't accept your beliefs?'), about our support network, about how our families feel, about finances, how we spend our leisure time, and a fair amount of time asking about parenting both bio and adopted children ('what if you have two of one and one of the other - how will the other feel?' 'if you have a bio child straight after adoption, what will that mean for the adopted child?').

There were some great questions and it was a strangely enjoyable chat. She did say that this was the easy stuff, and we'll get stuck into more heavy stuff toward the end of the assessment. Bring it on! We want to progress!


David said...

I think your assessment is what we call home study in America. Glad you're moving along!

Fionn said...

How long did you spend preparing before the assessment? Or were these all things you had naturally thought about and discussed with each other beforehand?

LaLa said...

Glad you are making progress..I know you'll do great.

Emma said...

Hey Fionn :-)
The real answer is probably 'years' of reading and talking together. The assessment determines how suitable we are as adoptive parents, so they need to see that we know what we're getting ourselves in for and have had these discussions together already. Of course there are some things that they ask that we haven't thought of, which is great because it makes us consider them!

blondie said...

One down, only three to four more to go. It will get harder - just believe in yourselves and your reasons to adopt and take the assessment as a bit of cathartic therapy... Good luck babe!

Thinking of you.