Thursday, July 05, 2007

Adoption register

Queenslanders can't just apply to adopt whenever we choose. We need to wait until the state adoption register is open. The register closed again on Monday, with no word on when it will re-open.

Last time it stayed open for 8 weeks, then closed for 18 months. I stalked the Dept during that time asking when it would reopen, and they could never say. This time it was a bit better - it stayed open for a whole year. We got in real early with our expression of interest (last August), because we had been watching and waiting for it to open.

It's very sad for people who make the decision to pursue adoption while the register is closed, with no indication of when it will reopen. There are no other options available, either, as all adoptions in Queensland are managed by the government (ie. no private agencies).

Our local support groups had been lobbying for the register to close overnight only, opening immediately the following day. That didn't happen.


David said...

It's very interesting how things are so different in every country. I always enjoy seeing how the process works in Australia.

Hope you all are well!

leisa said...

We were lucky to make it onto the register 2 weeks before it closed in Nov '04. That 8 week opening created such a rush that we didn't get invited to education until a year later and we weren't the last ones on the list. No wonder adoptions can take up to 6 years here. We can't control what happens in our country of choice but we should have more of a voice in what happens here!
See you at International Day?

Fionn said...

That sounds frustrating!

By the way, the quilt square from Nancy in Oregon is from my mother. She is a quilter (too) and loves the whole idea of a good wishes quilt!

Lisa and Doug said...

Wow - that is very different than the U.S. I hope it opens again soon for those interested in adopting.

OziMum said...

Even here in South Oz, we can apply whenever we like. It really annoys me how we all live in the same country, yet all states have different legislation! Single folks, can't adopt from here. Can you be single and adopt in QLD (when the jolly register is actually open?!!)

Hopefully it won't be too long before it re-opens.

blondie said...

Ozimum - only married couples can adopt in Qld. We were like Leisa - when the register opened last time, I don't think it was advertised, so when we heard about it on the internet through the IAFQ site, we had two weeks to get our application in before it closed.

Sad, really as there are so many beuatiful children in this world who need families...