Sunday, December 03, 2006

Education Day 2

Aaron here with my first entry for Checking Boxes.

We finished our two day education yesterday. That means another step in the process is complete and we can move on to the next one. We now have a lot of writing and self evaluation in our Family History and I know it will be pretty full on. I think this will be an excellent learning and growing experience for us.

I am so grateful to the Department and the people who presented their stories to our group. What an emotional time. It is obvious that the ladies from the department care deeply for what they do and that they really do walk with you through the process. It is encouraging to see that they feel joy of the parents and they are totally available to if we ever need to talk about anything.

It was nice to meet so many others who are at the same stage in the process to start to develop the network that will be so helpful in the months and years ahead.


Kristen said...

That whole part of the process was very emotional for me also...

One more thing to "check off"!!

David said...

It's so our 2-day I kept thinking "Wow! What a lot of info!" But it's good. Hang in there.

I'm enjoying following your blog!

kerry lee said...

good on you aaron,you and emma are my heroes.
Kerry Lee

Liz said...

Uncle Paul here. I thought I was your hero!

David said...

Hey Emma! Yes...the Noel letters were out of order and I didn't realize until my wife pointed it out! I had a Christmas party on Saturday night with about 65 college students at my house, and apparently there were some wise guys in the group!

We got married in December, and went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon, and it was our one time with a really warm was very bizarre with the warm beach and Christmas trees!