Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chinese Nursery Rhyme

A few months back, Chinese Pod had a great lesson from which we learned a Chinese nursery rhyme. Actually, all of Chinese Pod's lessons are excellent, but this one was especially relevant. It didn't take Aaron and I long to learn the song. We probably only listened to it four or five times, then sang it around the house for a while. Now we know it by heart and look forward to singing it with our daughter some day. I thought I'd share it here for those interested. (Click the play button)

菜鸟115 Baby Talk - Friends Song


Kristen said...

Great website... thanks for sharing

Jen said...

Hello Emma - thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'd be more than happy for you to add my link to your blog are you happy for me to do the same? My email address is
I also have a website for Ebony - where you can follow our journey! It is such a long - but worthwhile wait. I'll have a read of your blog later today.

a&mg said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you for visiting my blog, too. Come by again, and I'll definitely be back to yours:)

Lisa and Shane said...

Hi Emma - thanks as well for popping over to my blog - nice to meet other Aussies! Sure you can add my blog if you don't mind me adding yours!


Anonymous said...

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