Saturday, December 02, 2006

Education Day 1

Yesterday was day one of our Education session with the Department. There were twenty couples all at the same stage in the adoption process as us.

I have done a lot of reading and listening to podcasts about adoption and related issues and I still found the day mentally and emotionally exhausting. I wonder what it would have been like for people who have not been able to commit the time yet to learn about this stuff. I'm sure everyone would have slept well last night. Adoption and parenting are fields that you can never really know everything there is to know... looks like we're commited to a lifetime of learning, and that's hunky dory with me!

At the session we received our Workbook and instructions for completing our Family Profiles. When we came home, I got stuck straight into my profile and just tapped away for about three hours. It is not something easy or enjoyable to do, but I knew I needed to start straight away if I wanted to get it done anytime soon. They said that a profile should be about 15-20 pages per person, though they have received some that are up to 70 pages in the past! I only got through about three sections, then I couldn't concentrate any longer and went to bed.


kerry lee said...

hey emma
would be interesting family profile, i remember all the questions we had to answer and it was quite a challenge evaluating your family and life in a way you never have had to do before.
You are a champion, and are going to be a great mother

Emma said...

Thanks Kerry-Lee... there are soooo many questions to respond to, it's crazy! I need a week off just to focus on getting everything I need for the workbook and profile! I hope to finish it during some days off over Christmas.