Monday, June 30, 2008


With the Olympics around the corner, it's useful to learn to pronounce Beijing correctly - particularly the 'j' sound. This short video explains it well; now we just need the newsreaders and journos to get it right!


~*~Sandie~*~ said...

Oh yes, it disturbs me greatly every time I hear BAY-JHING. You'd think newsreaders would have a responsibility to get it right.

Liz said...

Meanwhile, the two characters say it differently to each other. They use different tones for the Jing.
Did you know that Beijing is more correctly spelt Peking. The P is hard, sounding like B. The e is pronounced as ei. The k is pronounced a j and in kiang meaning river. Kiang is pronounced Jiang.
The chinese decided to make the spelling of Peking, Beijing to make it easier for westerners to pronounce it more correctly.... and still we get it wrong.

Liz said...

oops, that is meant to read,
"the k is pronounced j as in the word kiang meaning river."
Now my comment should make more sense.