Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day! Because we're so isolated, Aussies came up with our own lingo which makes no sense to the rest of the world. Inspired by an article in today's paper, I put a quick quiz together. Have a go and test how 'strine you really are (or whether you'd need an interpreter if you ever visited)!

  1. What does it mean to chuck a u-ey?

  2. Turn your car around

    Throw up

    Throw a sheep

  3. What is a Hills Hoist?

  4. Climbing apparatus

    Party on Ayers Rock

    Clothes line

  5. What do you do with a lamington?

  6. Kill it before it bites you

    Eat it

    Wear it

  7. What is vegemite?

  8. The greatest food known to mankind

    The greatest food known to mankind

    The greatest food known to mankind

  9. What are budgie smugglers?

  10. Drug dealers

    Bird watchers

    Swimmers for men

  11. Fair dinkum, ridgy didge and true blue are all what?

  12. Types of beer

    Ways of saying something is real or authentic

    Aussie cartoon characters

(after you get your score, click back and let me know how you went!)

** I've posted the correct answers in the comments


Emma said...

1. To chuck a u-ey means to turn your car around.

2. A Hills Hoist is a clothes line.

3. You eat a lamington (it's a type of cake covered in chocolate and coconut).

4. Vegemite truly is the greatest food known to all mankind.

5. Budgie Smugglers are men's swimmers/togs/bathers. For more info go to

6. Fair dinkum, ridgy didge and true blue are all ways of saying something is real or authentic.

Hope you enjoyed it, let me know your score!

Amy said...

Happy Australia Day!!!
I got questions 2,4,6 correct. The only one I felt confident about was question 6--the rest I guessed!

David said...

I got four of the six right!

Happy Australia Day!

Fionn said...

6/6, due to some lucky guessing :)

OziMum said...

Surprise surprise... I got em all right?!!!

I LOVE the term Budgie Smugglers, that's what Todd calls em!!! He also calls Y-front undies "bog catchers" - shocking, hey?!!

Only in Australia!

Happy Australia Day, you're a fair dinkum Sheila!!!

Kristen said...


I only got #'s 1, 4 &5 correct!!! Guess I may need some help should I ever make it over there!!!

Happy Australia Day!!!

Kristen said...

Happy Australia Day! I got 5 out of the 6 correct - some lucky guesses and some tv references!

Happy Day! Kristen

Anonymous said...

60/60 KL

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

OH MY!!! I wish there were money running on this... surprise, surprise... I got 10/10 too... was in Sydney for Australia Day - it was fun... will be putting my Aussie Day pictures up in a few days... Aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi... awful saying but hey... it makes me feel at home... lol

Blondie said...

Streuth, Sheila! I'm plum tuckered out by that 'STrine quiz. It's blimmin' lucky I got em all dinky di right!


Alyson & Ford said...

Blind luck on my part - I got 5 of 6. I tried to wear a lamington :)