Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Workbooks and profiles submitted!

We submitted our workbooks and profiles to the Dept today. What a relief! They were a long time coming, not that there's a great rush - still 8 months til I'm thirty. In any case, we completed graphs, charts, responses to readings, family trees, financial statements and our life stories.

Some of the questions we each had to write about included the following toughies:

How has your position in the family (eg. youngest/third/middle child) influenced your roles and attitudes?

Describe your most recent disagreement with your partner - what was it about and how was it resolved?

Can you identify any patterns in the way in which you manage stresses?

What three things do you like and dislike about your partner?

What do you look forward to most as a parent?

In what circumstances could you see yourself allowing a child to win an argument?

and the absolute corker:

Why do you want to have children?


Lisa and Shane said...

Wow Emma - they're tuff! Another milestone... well done. We have a big milestone coming up tomorrow...

LaLa said...

Congrats...one step closer. Yeah, some of those questions can be really hard. Oh, and on the winning the argument one..I say when Annslee is asking for ice cream for breakfast..so I can have it too ha ha

Lisa and Doug said...

Congrats on getting that submitted! Sounds like a lot of hard work!

~*~Sandie~*~ said...


I remember that one - "under what circumstances would you allow a child to win an argument."

We wrote - "when the child is right."

blondie said...

Awesome work, you two! Its about time you joined the queue of prospective adoptive parents stressing about assessment! He he he.

Congratulations. The best it yet to come.

:P blondie

Fionn said...

Those sound hard! How long did it take you to get through all of them?

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leisa said...

Wow hard to top the heart felt comment from anonymous!! But here I go...Congratulations...Why do you want to have children...my answer for this week is - they win colouring competitions and you get to cheer and clap at school assembly - priceless.

OziMum said...

Hi Emma! I've just found your blog, I'm a fellow Aussie-adopting-from-China-blogger!!!

When we did our assessment, and it came to the relationship questions... we kinda threw our social worker for a six, when we had to explain that we had been married twice... to each other!

:) Congrats on finishing the paperwork!