Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day! Happy Chinese New Year!

Australia Day and Chinese New Year day fall on the same day this year. Funny thing, that lunar calendar.

I'm being completely un-Australian and doing some work today; I have to apply for my own job, as it was a tap-on-the-shoulder thing and policy requires that you can only act in a position like that for a certain period of time in Government, and then the job has to be advertised and appointed properly. Or something. All I know is I have some serious selection criteria to respond to.

So, it's no BBQ for me, no Triple J Hottest 100, no beach cricket. Just a computer, a headache and a whole lot of corporate jargon.

We headed into Brisbane's Chinatown to celebrate CNY on Friday night. Aaron and I are both in green and on the left in the first pic, and that's me trying not to get mowed down by a lion dance in the second pic.


Monica said...

Happy Australia Day!!!

(I remember on Facebook you commented it was weird that Darcy had gotten her account deleted...well, it seems it is an epidemic...a bunch of the kids in her group have, one by one, gotten THEIR accounts deleted by Facebook management, too. Evidently they were using Facebook messaging almost like a chat room and got nailed for "messaging too much". Guess this is a way to try and prevent spamming or something? At any rate, one of the kids appealed and got her account re-instated...the other kids just created new accounts using new e-mail addresses (like Darcy had done) and started all over again. Odd that they limit how much you are allowed to message when that is the whole point of Facebook!)

Doug and Terrye said...

Glad to see that you were able to have a little fun after such a grueling day :)

Terrye in FL