Monday, December 01, 2008

Batch buddies

We (finally) got sent the names and contact details for the other seven couples in our batch today. Hrm now what. I guess someone has to initiate first contact, but it may be a little pointless this early on. Although I guess we don't have to meet up - I could just send a 'hello' email. Hrmmm...

We're not just the same batch; we're also the only files that went to China from Qld this year! It's intriguing to think we will be traveling together and that our children will have a lifelong connection. Maybe our children will all be from the same orphanage. Will we get a 'red couch' photo like the thousands before us?

I also wonder how much can happen between now and referral. How many of the eight couples will drop out / change plans / give up waiting?! (Not us!)

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Monica said...

Getting to know your batch buddies in advance is a real advantage. I would suggest you just take the bull by the horns and be the one to initiate contact!

We didn't know anyone ahead of time with our first adoption. We DID have contact with those in our travel group(via e-mail) beginning a few weeks before travel time with our second adoption...THAT way turned out so much better. We were all just a great resource to each other... (and, we felt like we already "knew" each other by the time we finally DID meet up in Hong Kong.)