Monday, November 17, 2008


Ladybugs. Some China-adopters love 'em, some think the whole tradition of good luck and/or good news on the way with a sighting is pointless as it purportedly originated with prospective adopters rather than in China.

I'm not obsessed with ladybugs, but when I see one (or ladybug paraphernalia) I smile gently and think of the future. I have purchased ladybug stickers and some cute ladybug hair clips in the past. Today I may have gone a bit far.

I walked across the road to the butcher and the fruit shop to get supplies for dinner. In between the butcher and the fruit shop is a chemist. Hanging in the doorway of the chemist was this little number which caught my eye.

I walked past and then took two steps back. Oh my. I took it straight to the counter. There were two sales assistants who began gushing at the cuteness of it, and then asked me if it was for Christmas. 'Ummm not sure when it's for really!', I replied. Then one of them asked, 'How old is she?'. 'Ummm, just a baby', I said. I felt a bit silly and couldn't tell them it was actually for a child who not only probably hasn't been conceived, but her birth mother may not have even been conceived yet (I jest, I jest).


Liz said...

i saw that up here and wanted to buy it (as i do with millions of things i see) but didn't know what size to get.

OziMum said...

Like you, I'm not obsessed with ladybugs, but have been known to pick up an item or two (or six!) with ladybugs on it!! I'm a bit more of a sucker for dragonflies... but haven't really seen any dragonfly outfits around?!!!

Monica said...

Bless your heart! (saying your child's birthmother may not have even been conceived yet!)

The outfit is adorable! And I love that little purse!!! I've never seen anything like it! Too cute! We never had even heard of the whole ladybug thing during our first adoption, nor even during our second (guess I wasn't very plugged in to the adoption community back in those pre-internet days for our househould!)...but, we have heard lots about it the last four years or so.

Our old home (the one we moved away from a year and a half ago) was always plagued with lady bug infestations, so we had scads of them year round. In the coldest winter months, they were quite common...blizzard outside, warm furnace inside tempting them to emerge from their hide-outs in the space between our trim around the outside windows and our walls.

So, I have to admit, never having any sentimental feelings about ladybugs, myself.... BUT, my oldest daughter (to my complete surprise) kind of latched on to the whole concept. I didn't realize this until she painted her bedroom walls last summer...she handpainted huge lady bugs on her walls!...and then was telling me how they were symbolic of Chinese adoptions (her own take on it!)! So, now, I have to admit, I have a whole new tenderness in my heart for those little red bugs! Afterall, they mean a lot to my oldest daughter!

Emma, check out my Facebook page in about a day...I'll put up a photo of Darcy's wall paintings!

And, sentimental feelings or not, I would have flipped over that little ensemble, is just so amazingly CUTE!!!!

kerri said...


Alyson and Ford said...

Very adorable! I would have been tempted too!


Doug and Terrye said...

Oh sweetie, I understand! I have a couple of outfits that I bought for my daughter before I even became DTC!!! Now she has outgrown them :)

Terrye in FL