Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're still checkin' those boxes!

I spoke with the China officer from the Dept today. Good news, eight couples (yah, I know... eight is news to us too!) are ready to be batched and our paperwork is being sent off to be notarised. There is just one document from one dossier that is missing - whoever it is please hurry! We are now required to get some bank drafts in US currency made up to be sent with our dossier to be paid to the CCAA and also to cover translation services.

It's nice to progress a little.

I asked whether everything is on track for the dossiers to leave on the 15th and was told, "I think so". Apparently the Dept is not sure how long the notarisation will take for eight dossiers, as their usual time expectations are based on batches of approximately five.

I am so hopeful that we will get an August log in date. That would mean eight files in our batch in the eighth month of 2008, and eight is a lucky number for the Chinese. I'll do a post about that later this week to explain why.


D said...

Yippee! I'm so excited you're finally getting there!

Anonymous said...


leisa said...

OK so today is the 15th...how did you go, is the batch gone?
I would love to know more about the significance of 08/08/08, Emmett's birthday is 8th Aug.

Gem said...

Hi would love to hear an update, have they sent them yet? Its the 20th today.

Monica said...

Good to hear!!

(I'm surprised that you have to send the fees in US currency.)

Monica said...
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infantadoptionjourney said...

Still no news on the file? its past the original date, thought that your file may be on its way by now?