Monday, July 14, 2008

Previously, on Checking Boxes

Last week I wrote to the Department after receiving advice that they were now waiting to form a batch of seven dossiers, of which ours would be part of.

Here is an excerpt from my email:

"The inter-country adoption system in China works on a chronological basis, regardless of a dossier's country of origin. The China Centre of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) issues referrals each month. Presently couples receiving referrals from China have had their dossiers logged in for 28+ months. You can see from the referral table at the bottom of this web page that the eighteen month average is 6.3 days allocated/month. The twelve month average is 6.1 days allocated/month. This could potentially mean that for each week longer the current batch of dossiers stays in Australia, an extra month+ is added for the waiting couples."

"According to last week's telephone conversation, the Department wishes to create a batch of seven dossiers. As at July 4, 2008 four couples are ready to be batched and three are compiling their dossiers. We respectfully request that if these final three couples have not finalised their dossiers by end of July 2008 that they form part of a new batch. There are three weeks until the end of July. Three weeks is enough time to complete the dossier requirements. If it is not enough time for the remaining couples then they are really not close enough to be included in the current batch. At present referral rates, three weeks equals three and a half months extra wait after log-in. We are aware that referral rates can change, and are hopeful they do. All we have to go on at present is historical patterns and statistics."

I'm pleased that the response I received today included this information:

"Adoption Services Queensland has spoken with other eligible couples and has requested their documents be provided to ASQ by the end of July to ensure the timely batching of files for preparation and onforwarding to China.

I am confident that a minimum four files will be ready at that time and these shall be dispatched on Friday 15 August 2008 (allowing time for notarising and DFAT action).


D said...

Woo! Hoo! (That's a shout of happiness!) I am so proud of you for taking charge and so excited to know they apparently listened and responded appropriately!

~*~Sandie~*~ said...

Well done Emma.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Good on you for being assertive and standing up for yourself. Linda

Amanda and Andrew said...

Good on you for having the courage to try and change the things you can. I am so glad you have got a sensible response. So, so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

way to go emma!!!!

KL xo

leisa said...

well done Em, congratulations and good on the dept for listening and acting.

mari carmen said...

hola, soy espaƱola vivo en tenerife island, nostros esperamos tambien desde el5 de sept de 2006, esperemos que pasen rapidito los juegos olimpicos y empiecen a caer muchas asignaciones, saludos.

Blondie said...

Hi Emma, love the professionalism of your letter. You definitely deserved the reaction you received - lets just hope that the Dept sticks to it.

Missed you at ID. Hope you are well.

xx FM

leisa said...

Hi Em
It's almost the end of the month, just wondering if you have heard anything re the batch. Also the May 08 edition of National Geographic is all about China, if you don't have it try and get it. If you can't get it I will give you mine (after I have finished reading it)

Sandra said...

Oh Emma! I am so happy for you guys. Your letter was so well written and obviously very effective. Please let us know when you dossier was sent so we can celebrate with you guys.