Saturday, April 19, 2008

An update, for what it's worth!

The latest info is that there are two dossiers ready and waiting (ours and another). The Dept will only send dossiers to China in batches of five. Apparently there are three more 'not far behind' that the Dept was going to follow up this week. A new officer for the China program has been appointed and starts on the 28th April. I never would have imagined that we'd get to May and still not be DTC (dossier to China), but it's starting to look that way!


Gem & James said...

Sorry to hear your file is held up, it must be really frustrating for you. Seems odd that the other couples are slow getting their files in, I know in our case we sped around like mad people to get everything done as quickly as possible.
Gem x

Sandra said...

Oh Emma! I can't believe you are having to wait on other people to send in your dossier. It's just crazy and so different from what we experienced.

Amanda and Andrew said...

Aaaw, you poor thing. You just need to get the other people's phone numbers, and maybe you could run around doing their paperwork for them! And be the head of ICA - then things would get moving!

Seriously though, I really hope the other couples will get a move on very soon. It's a great sense of relief when your file is sent off, and your turn must be soon. All the best.

D said...

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