Sunday, March 08, 2009

6 months logged in (and a droopy eye)

It's the eighth of the month, which means we are celebrating six months logged in! I feel that the time is flying by. Not sure I'll still be saying that over the years to come when we are still waiting!

Today is also International Womens' Day, celebrating the economic, social and political achievements of women past, present and future. IWD is a holiday in China.

I'm celebrating both by going to the doctor. My eye was pink and sore yesterday, and I woke up today and things are worse. It's all puffy and swollen, and my eye-lid is droopy. It's super-attractive. Hopefully it can be treated quickly as I have a lot I need to achieve this coming week.

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On the Eastern Journey said...

Congrats Aaron and Emma on 6 months!

OziMum said...

Ooo Pink eye is nasty!

Scratch off another one... only a few more months to go?! (yes, I'm very faceous!!!)

Ferenje Mama said...

Well, there is only one way to celebrate a half-anniversary and thats with a droopy eye.. LOL. Poor Em, I hope the eye is better quickly.

Chris said...

congrats for 6 months

Mac said...

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