Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free rice

Go here www.freerice.com - get smarter and feed the hungry at the same time. Read the FAQ to understand how it works.


Liz said...

I got bored after 200 hundred grains and I only had to start using the dictionary after the second word. hehe. What I don't understand is why don't they just donate the rice anyway. Why does the life of a starving person have to rely on a word game for its food?
Also, have you ever googled checkingboxes?

Emma said...

That's why I said to read the FAQ! Then you would see how the payments work based on advertising etc. Plus you'd also know then how the game works according to your level and ability. Muuuum, u gotta follow the 'structions!

What happens when u google checkingboxes - does my picture appear :-)

Ray said...

I was surprised at the number of words I knew, about 9 out of 10.

I got up to a vocabulary rating of 40 and stopped at 550 grains of rice. Thnaks for the link to this.