Sunday, May 13, 2007

Halting new dossiers

The latest unsubstantiated rumour (that would be rumor to my American friends) is that China may be considering stopping accepting new files for perhaps 3 years (yup, I read it at RQ). This wouldn't affect anyone who is already logged in and allocations would continue as normal for those people. The response so far seems to be that people think this is a great idea and necessary to allow a catch-up. I might think that if we were already logged in, too.

We are paperchasing and trying to meet all of our local requirements as well as the CCAA's requirements. The only thing slowing us down is my age - I turn 30 in eight months time (January 2008). We've been waiting eagerly since our early 20s to turn 30 so we could adopt from China. Aaron's 32 this year, so no probs now with his age.

If the CCAA stopped accepting new dossiers before I turn 30, that may change our plans a little in terms of birth order of our future children. Then there's always that fear that if we did have a bio child first, could the CCAA introduce a rule that only childless couples could adopt?

In the meantime we'll just keep plodding away at the process. Aaron finished his family profile a few weeks ago (wahoo!), so we're ready to submit our next huge lot of paperwork. We're grateful that our state government has allowed us to do all the preparations and have our file ready to go as soon as I hit 30, rather than having to turn 30 first and then begin the paperchase.

If anything did happen with halting new dossiers, then that's out of our hands. At this stage it's a rumour only (and the rumour being that the CCAA may be considering it, not that they will do it), but certainly one that we'll be following with interest!


Lisa and Doug said...

It is only a rumor! I think you will be fine!

Lisa and Shane said...

Remember too - the rumour is that they are considering it, not a umour that they are going to do it! An I am sure they would give plenty of warning too. Hang in there!

Lisa and Shane said...

Rumour - I meant rumour... not umour! Sorry about that.

David said...

At this point, remember it's only the RUMOR Queen...not TRUTH hang in there.

blondie said...

Rumours, schmumours... never believe a word anyone says - unless it is out of the mouths of the people who are directly involved. There are a lot of rumours running around the American adoption blogs at the moment - don't let their hysteria stress you out.

Anyway, you cannot control the world - nor your age, but you can learn to cope with it. Que sera, sera!

Krista said...

Don't waste your energy worrying about something that may or may not happen. It's out of your control. If we believed all the crazy rumors that fly around we'd all have ulcers. LOL!

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep the faith.

LaLa said...

Hopefully you will not need to worry about this one. We had to change our plans with the new regs from China and it will all work out in the end. Hang in there!

Those who serve the little dictatrice. said...

Wow! I hadn't heard that one. That would certainly throw a wrench in a lot of people's plans.

These things are out of our control, unfortunately ... so we just have to move ahead as usual!