Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I've been away for work for a few days in Melbourne. It is such a beautiful city, I'm totally in love with it. Of course, I checked out Chinatown. I had dinner at a place called Post Mao Cafe. The master chef is 93 years old and used to cook for Chairman Mao. Hrm. Not sure how true that claim is, or why he'd still be working at 93, but I'm pleased to report that there were no false teeth or stray grey hairs in my meal.

At the airport before I left, I bought a book to read on the plane about an Aussie journalist who spent a year in Beijing. Wow, that's another city that blows my mind and I look forward to going someday. It's too late now, but I would like to have visited it before all the preparations for the Olympic Games began. The only city we have experienced in China is Kunming (Yunnan province) - and it's considered to be 'out in the countryside' by most Chinese, so I'm pretty sure life there is drastically different to Beijing.

What about you? What city do you love - and why? What city would you really like to visit?


David said...

Hmmm...I love travel so I love questions like this. Favorite city in the US: definitely New York City. I've probably been about 15 times over the course of my life, and I never get tired of it. I love the energy, the quick pace, the abundance of cool places to go, the subway, people watching....just about everything about it...except for the prices.

Foreign: I can't pick just one, but the top three would be:

Paris: I love the fact that everything is so old and you can see all over the city. The Eiffel Tower serves as such a great landmark to help you always keep your place in the city.

Rome: Well...talk about old and Rome is definitely in the ranks! I love just walking through the city, stopping in stores, seeing such beautiful sites...and St. Peter's in unbeatable.

Venice: the city is so different than anywhere I have ever been it is definitely a not-miss. The bridges and the canals are so amazing, and the people are so friendly. I love it.

Want to see: Beijing, Tokyo (hope to go on the way to China), Rio de Janeiro, and possibly...if I get around to it, Mexico City.

Hmmmm...sorry this was so long.

PaulaBrett said...

I just happened to find your blog and I've just finished reading the whole thing. Wow do you have to jump through some hoops in Australia. My husband is Australian but we live in Canada now. We moved back in 2002. My MIL lives in Brisbane. Our LID is Aug 14, 2006.
To your original question. I must say that Sydney is my favourite city.

a&mg said...

I'm not a big city person, but I did enjoy our time in San Francisco and in Seattle. I also liked Portland, Oregon, but only spent a day there.

Smaller cities--my favorite would be Monterey, California! I also really like Anchorage, Alaska--it's a great little city with lots to do and surrounded by huge mountains.

I would like to visit Beijing, of course, and maybe London, Toronto, Rome, and definitely now you've made Melbourne sound like a must!

Susy Q said...


My name is Susanna and I am 15 years old. My family is adopting, too- we just accepted the referral of an adorable 14-month-old girl last week from Ethiopia (looks like we'll both be bringing home foreign-born baby girls in the near future!) Congratulations on your adoption! As you probably can already tell, you're in for a thrilling ride!!

Oh, and my favorite cities are probably NYC, Prague, Amsterdam, and Nairobi...I'll have to see if Sydney joins the list (I've never been to Australia!)

dublin said...

Our favorite city in China, so far, is NanChang (the capital of JiangXi province). It was a lot nicer than HeFei (AnHui), the other city we have spent the most time in.