Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mandarin Labels

This will probably only be of interest to those learning mandarin - and even then, just those in the early stages. I created some labels to stick up around the house to remind me of what things are called.

I couldn't work out how to add a file for download in blogger, so quickly made a webpage for them. Go here to download them. They are in a Word doc, set up to be printed on sheets of business cards (but will also work fine printed on regular paper or card).

In other news, Aaron bought me a neat book called The Chinese Have a Word For It, about Chinese phrases and culture, but we went away last weekend and I mistakenly left it on the plane! Tomorrow I'm going to phone the airline and the airport of where we went, but I don't like my chances..!


Leisa said...

Oh no I hate losing books. I don't think you will see that one again. But imagine that some couple who have been considering adoption has picked it up, they are enjoying the book and decide to apply. They better hurry though before the EOI register closes!! Thanks for sending me the article link.

Porter said...

Great way to build vocabulary! 这样记起来印象大概更深刻:)