Friday, November 17, 2006

Daughter from Afar

This week I read Daughter from Afar. The great part of this book is that the author doesn't paint their adoption journey as a great rosy adventure - she is honest and shares the struggles, especially during the first few months after returning home with their baby. Three hours of sleep a night... night terrors... adjustment issues.

There is an FAQ section at the end of the book, with excellent anwers to questions like, 'Do you think you'll have children of "your own"?' and 'Dont you ever wonder about her "real" parents?' It reinforced to me the importance of modelling to others (and correcting when required) the most appropriate language to use, especially in front of the child.


~*~Sandie~*~ said...

Maybe we should do some book swapping at Education?

I have the following, some of which are related to adoption, and some just to help me learn about China and the Chinese:

The Lost Daughters of China
Parenting the Hurt Child
Wild Swans
Chinese Cinderella
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modern China
The Good Women of China
What the Chinese Don't Eat
Mao (haven't read this one yet.)
Chinese for Dummies (this is excellent but you'll have to buy it because I will be working through it for the next few years!)

Emma said...

Cool, sounds good! Out of those, I've got the first three, and also The Good Women of China.

We have a heap of Chinese culture and language books, tapes and CDs, mostly that we bought while living there. Aaron uses most of them each week... (and I should)

Some other good ones I've got and have read are:

Digging to America
Playing Chopsticks
Falling Leaves
Colours of the Mountain
Lonely Planet - China (2002)
Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adopted Parents Knew

We're working on building up our library of childrens books. Have so far got

I love you like Crazy Cakes
Over the Moon, an Adoption Tale
I Don't Have Your Eyes

This week at Borders there is 50% off childrens books for members. If you haven't joined, i think you can do it online. Every week they email out a new coupon for something different. Handy :-)

I'd love to have a read of Mao (but I'll wait til after you've read it!) and What the Chinese Don't Eat. Also Chinese Cinderella. I'll bring our collection along to Education.

I know that you're heading to China soon. I can strongly recommend the Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook (with two way dictionary). It's only little and will fit in even a small bag... and it was invaluable to us anytime we were out and about in China. You're welcome to borrow ours, but it is a bit worn and tatty!

Woah, this is a long comment. Woops.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good book. I'll have to check it out for sure!! I'm addicted to all books about adoption (especially for kids)

Hoping for referral this month

Shana said...

Wow- you are reading all the right books! Good for you!

Hoping your baby is in your arms soon!

Shana :)

~*~Sandie~*~ said...

Chinese Cinderella is the children's version of Falling Leaves. I bought it for my daughter for her birthday and she read it in a day or two, then I did the same. There were many tears shed. Adeline Yen Mah has now released another book called Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society which is a fictionalised account of what SHOULD have happened to her. We bought it on Tuesday night and Gemma is reading it now.

I have trouble reading the children's story books, eg I love you like Crazy Cakes. Something happens to my throat and my eyes and I find it hard to go on... I'm sure you will recognise the problem.

~*~Sandie~*~ said...

Sorry, it's not a fictionalised account of what should have happened to her, it is a fantasy story about a girl who was in a similar situation. It's based on the stories she used to write as a little girl.

Kristen said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog... Things have been better this week. I aded you to my blog roll, if you don't mind... i'd enjoy following your family journey.

Amy said...

Hi Em,

Just letting you know I'm so gald everything is going well! Miss u heaps... Amy W.