Monday, September 11, 2006


I am consumed by this journey we are on! I am constantly thinking about our future child / China / the adoption process. When I’m not listening to related podcasts, I’m practicing my Chinese... or reading adoptive community discussion lists... or reading books... or watching adoption videos on YouTube...or scouring blogs... or learning more about Chinese culture or adoptive parenting. And this is just the beginning!

Aaron has been reading a book called Adopting the Hurt Child, by Heck and Kupecki. Each day he reads a bit more, takes some notes and shares his insight with me. He’s reading it right now and he just said to me, “heck this book is good” and then read a quote from it. This is the quote:

‘The forever aspect of the adopted child alters not only the nuclear family, but changes kinship ties for every generation to come.’

In all his wisdom he then rattled off what this means for him and what it could mean for the child. Powerful stuff.

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