Monday, August 28, 2006

IAFQ Information Day

We spent Saturday at an Info Day run by IAFQ. It was really informative and well worth it. One of the great advantages was meeting other couples - those who have been through the process of adoption, as well as those who are just beginning, such as ourselves. One couple, Paula and Dean, submitted their EOI last week, like us. They have also only put China as their country of choice, so it’ll be neat to track our journeys.

We met Pauline, who is president of the China subgroup of IAFQ. Pauline pointed us in the direction of the Qld support network for adoptive parents of children from China, which is in the form of a Yahoo group. I signed up when we got home. I also signed up to AAC, which is Australians Adopting Children from China.

Aaron bought a book and placed another one on order. The one he purchased is called Adopting the Hurt Child. He’s going to read it first and then pass it on to me.

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